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Online Nutrition Courses, a strong trend in professional training

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Online nutrition courses by College of Living Nutrition

There are different modalities and methods of distance learning:
  • Synchronous distance learning: students attend real-time videoconferences according to a set schedule.
  • Asynchronous distance learning: courses are held offline. Students have access to their courses in different formats at any time.
  • Blended or hybrid learning refers to the joint use of online learning and the traditional learning mode, often called face-to-face. The learner will alternate between remote online sessions and face-to-face sessions with the instructor.
  • Face-to-face teaching, however, refers to a teaching modality where a teacher interacts in real time and face-to-face with his students.


Accredited online nutrition courses, UK

Distance learning, also known as distance education, online education, or e-learning, refers to an educational modality that allows a person to learn relatively autonomously, with minimal time and travel constraints, and with the remote support of resource persons. In addition, distance learning can be accessed from anywhere, with or without the presence of other participants. Distance education has always developed with technological innovations.

Our software used to deliver Online Nutrition Courses gives us the ability to deliver and manage distance learning content. The tools provides a learning environment that is available anywhere and anytime to file and track learning tests and online training. The tools allows us to organize learning content and present it to our students. Key features include course management (materials, presentations, and enrollments), mobile learning, and exams.

Our tool deployed to deliver our Online Nutrition Courses is perfectly adapted to the content and teaching we provide. It is easy to access, efficient, user-friendly, and fully capable of passing your diplomas in a rigorous and secure manner. For some audiences, online courses may even be more effective and less restrictive than their face-to-face counterparts.

All our online courses are perfectly comparable to those we give in a classroom in a classic face-to-face format in London or Birmingham for example. Our online nutrition courses are also spread over a total duration of one year in general. While they may seem easier to run, they are just as rigorously delivered as traditional courses that require your attendance. Moreover, for most of the trainings, it is possible to mix online and face-to-face courses. The important thing is that you are able to acquire the skills necessary to exercise your new profession and have free access to all the knowledge you need.

The same goes for the diplomas at the end of the learning cycle. They require the same seriousness and focus as classroom-based exams. Distance learning systems have long had built-in provisions to prevent cheating that could lead to undeserved qualifications. With all the advantages of distance learning, our Online Nutrition Courses are just as valid as those given in a physical classroom.


You will develop your knowledge as a nutritionist, or you will take your first steps as a beginner in this discipline. The advantages of online courses should certainly convince you to participate. 
1. A wide range of online learning
Teachers from all over the world offer distance learning courses on a variety of subjects, from language discovery to online courses from leading universities, or even math and science lessons. They help students from elementary, middle, and high school to professionals to improve themselves. It is a way to access courses given from a distant country.
2. A way to learn for those who cannot travel
Physical classes are not always accessible to everyone. Whether it is a global epidemic, or for those who cannot travel due to personal reasons or physical inability, these online courses offer a perfect solution for thousands of students. Study from home, making learning available to as many people as possible. It is a world of knowledge that opens to you wherever you are.
3. Taking online courses from the comfort of your home
By taking online courses from home, it is possible to learn in an environment where you feel comfortable. A space that you know and have made your own, which will help you feel safe, secure, and confident throughout your online course. Private tutoring allows for a certain intimacy between teachers and students, and the one-on-one time encourages even the shyest to speak up. This allows for rapid progress even for beginners.
4. Distance learning anywhere, anytime
Too busy a week, and not much time to study? Do you have a free afternoon slot left at the last minute, and you want to make the most of this time to learn? In this case, private lessons on the internet are made for you. It is a way to learn at any time. You will be able to negotiate the hours that suit you best, to work at any time, even during the weekend. So, you can progress at anytime and anywhere! If you have a good internet connection, you can take your computer to your workplace or during your vacations to take advantage of our Online Nutrition Courses.
5. A customized teaching
Another incredibly positive point about private lessons is that the teacher listens to your expectations. He or she adapts the program and the lessons to your learning pace, so that the lessons correspond to you completely. You will be able to spend more time on the points that are causing you problems and progress at your own pace towards the level or certification you are seeking. Unfortunately, this "à la carte" teaching is not possible in a physical classroom, where the teacher must focus on the entire student body, not on your individual case.
6. Access to numerous online resources
By taking advantage of online courses, you will have access to all the online resources that your teacher could offer you. These can be YouTube videos to illustrate a point in the lesson, or to work on listening to a language. You can also do online exercises, do research in your field... the list is endless! Online courses are generally more "modern" and adapted to a young and dynamic audience. This will allow you to stay focused and motivated throughout your learning process.
  • If you are considering the course with The College of Living Nutrition; I can highly recommend it. I graduated from the course 5 years ago. It has set me up with the cutting edge information and essential professional practice skills to allow me to build my nutrition business. I now offer consultations, coaching, courses, workshops and health-check clinics. I am also at the beginning of an exciting new venture - developing a residential Health Learning venue on the west coast of Scotland.

    Janette McSkimming BA(Hons) LC Hom, Post Dip Advanced LNP.

    Homeopath and Living Nutrition Practitioner
  • The Living Nutrition course is practical and experiential with cutting edge information that keeps you ahead of the game. The style of teaching is relaxed and inclusive and the students that are attracted to the course ensures there is a sense of community of like - minded individuals.

    Lynda May

    Living Nutrition Practitioner and Colour Therapist
  • I graduated in my first year at the college of living nutrition in 2017. Before commencing this course I was struggling with being vegan because I had no idea what I was doing or what was even healthy. I also new that I wanted to learn so I could teach other people and build a business for myself. This course was different from any other course I’d done. There were a lot of light bulb moments, harsh truths, reality checks - all of which contributed to my own self analysis and improvement in health. This course began a journey of self discovery for me, finally being able to understand my body and what I need and my health is always improving the more I continue to learn from John. Thank you John for your knowledge, wisdom and care in helping your students succeed - it really shows.

    Helen Buley

    BSc (Hons), Living Nutrition Practitioner - Health and Energy Coach
  • Online courses have become a new way of training widely adopted by professionals in all fields.

    Telecommuting is now de rigueur because of the pandemic and therefore these courses are available as standard offerings going into the future. The online courses are acclaimed by the professionals who wish to acquire new competences or to be informed on the new discoveries in nutrition. Far from being a passing trend, the desire for online learning is here to stay and the availability of efficient and easy-to-use online teaching solutions only reinforces it.

    We offer all the benefits of online learning but all students will be attached to a particular course so they get to know the other staff and students, have a start and end date for the course and will be expected to attend live online classes whenever possible.


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