Retreats with Nutrition Experts
The College of Living Nutrition organises an annual nutrition retreat available for everyone which takes place in Glastonbury.
This retreat is the perfect experience to rapidly achieve your health goals whilst boosting your energy. You will be able to test the super-nutritious lifestyle for a weekend and its healing power for your mind, body and spirit. We prepare delicious organic tonics and elixirs during the retreat.
The weekend also includes talks from our experts and special guests. You will thus learn valuable information and practice that will help you on your journey towards weight loss, recovery, regaining energy and more. The retreat also offers relaxation sessions, including sauna sessions, red-light therapy etc. for a holistic experience.

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Glastonbury Living Nutrition Festival/Conference/Retreat Details – Weds  4th June – Sunday 8 June 2025 - Earth Spirit

The Glastonbury Living Nutrition Festival/Conference/Retreat which is taking place for 5 days (4 nights) on Wednesday 4th June to Sunday 8th June 2024 at the Earth Spirit centre near Glastonbury.

We have amazing speakers and demonstrators – for example

John Jezewski (Nutrition, Longevity, Inspiration)
Dr Paul Clayton - world leader in nutrition research
Truth Calkins (international speaker from the USA will be dialling in from Seattle) (world-leader on herbs and nutrition)
Ron Prescott (Qi Gong and inspiring lectures)
Mark Griffin (Foraging)
+ more speakers to be announced

The wonderful chef and his team are back again – they were outstanding at the 2024 retreat.

The sooner you book the more accommodation options there are and please remember we sold-out last year quite quickly.

The normal fee is £580 for the 4 nights including shared room, all meals, all workshops and use of the gym, hot-tub, sauna and much more. However, we are offering you £50 discount so you pay £530 after the discount if you book online use the discount code RETREAT50DISCOUNT. You can also use this discount code for your close friends, family and partners. If you are inviting other people then you can issue them with a £50 discount code.

If you require room single-occupancy then there is a single-room supplement of £120 total for the 4-nights (we prefer people to share). When you book online add this as an extra item into your shopping basket.

Camping/Camper-van/Caravan option

There is another option which is where you are going to bring your own tent, caravan or camper-van. You will still eat with us and enjoy all the benefits i.e. workshops, sauna, hot-tub, gym etc.. The normal rate for this option is £420 but you can use the same £50 discount code. You can also use this discount code for your close friends, family and partners.

There is no absolute guarantee that any of the special guests will be available.

See photos of the 2023 retreat by clicking here:-

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