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About Us

Many people are aware that nutrition is of vital importance when it comes to health.
Create a career as a holistic nutrition therapist helping clients improve their health and wellbeing! Join our life-changing nutrition course and become a passionate practitioner in the modern world.
The College of Living Nutrition offers accredited nutrition courses in the South East and Midlands offering you the opportunity to train as a professional nutrition therapist. As certified specialists, we also offer seminars, retreats, consultations and a student clinic.

What are the benefits of Nutrition courses?

Nutrition's main focus is to understand the relationship between food, diet and health. This is thus a powerful and much-needed field for anyone invested in building a healthy lifestyle.

The growing demand for nutritionists

Nowadays, the notion of eating well is at the heart of our concerns. Weight gain is also an important issue in our society. To achieve a nutritional rebalancing to avoid many diseases, individuals are aware of their need to call upon a food specialist. Nutritionists are also very much in demand by athletes who closely monitor their diet to support their physical activity and improve their performance. If you are interested in health, human nutrition, the benefits of food on our body or nutritional requirements, why not get involved in the field of nutrition? Come and attend our nutrition courses given at our nutrition College based in London Central and Aston University, Birmingham, offering quality teaching.
Nutrition based healing is very powerful and is called nutrition therapy. Health, through nutrition, has become a worldwide issue, as much for doctors as for pharmacists, dieticians, sports coaches, or naturopaths. With the ever-increasing number of cases of obesity and problems related to malnutrition, nutritional rebalancing often seems to be the appropriate solution to propose to the client. This method can prevent the onset of many chronic diseases. Even though athletes are known for their strict diet, they are also concerned by nutritional rebalancing. They always want to better manage their physical activity and thereby increase their performance. As a health professional, it is therefore highly recommended to follow an adequate training that will allow you to perform nutritional assessments, to advise your clients on nutrition and to follow their weight evolution and their eating habits.
The goal of the nutrition professionals is to help individuals regain a balanced diet. These experts carry out nutritional assessments, provide nutritional advice and follow up with them, considering their weight, possible allergies, metabolism, physiology, food intolerances and objectives. Healthy eating is a struggle for many clients and the nutrition professionals are trained to empower clients to achieve their healthy eating goals. Our nutrition courses are not only for aspiring professionals - you can discover and attend them even if you are only interested in the subject of nutrition.

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