Birmingham Aston University Part-Time Weekend Living Nutrition Practitioner Course

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"Part-time weekend-based Living nutrition practitioner course available for everyone with an interest in Natural Health"

College of Living Nutrition
Aston University, Birmingham - attend the classroom or via live-streaming

Attend our Nutrition Course in Birmingham to Become an Expert Practitioner



This is a unique opportunity for you to become a living Nutrition Practitioner. The course is designed to inspire students to become successful and confident practitioners equipped with powerful tools. Anyone who has a keen interest in Natural Health is welcome to join the course


The Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (FNTP) is the largest and fastest growing body of practitioners of nutritional therapy in Europe.
FNTP is the voice of Nutritional Therapy in Europe. We determine standards of education and maintain a register of appropriately qualified practitioners.
The Living Nutrition course in Birmingham is also accredited by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association), which is internationally recognised as a force in professional, ethical complementary medicine by doctors, professional practitioners and the general public.Upon completion of the course you can gain membership of the CMA, which in addition to supplying professional accreditation can also provide a number of extra benefits.

The course is fully recognised by Balens Insurance, the main alternative practitioner insurance group.

If Interested meet us in Birmingham & Get a 1 Year Nutrition Diploma

This course is open to anyone who has a keen interest in natural health. It is also open to existing practitioners from any discipline.
Would you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to apply for the course please click the Apply Now button 


The goal of this course is to enable students to significantly improve their understanding of health and in so doing have the tools to improve their own health and the health of their clients.
The training will encourage students to focus on setting-up their own business or enhance their existing health business. The opportunities include running a successful nutrition clinic, running a commercial website supplying natural health products, setting up a health store, providing an online advice and nutrition consultation service, researching and authoring nutrition-based books and e-books, offering demonstrations and talks to groups, running seminars and retreats or even becoming an intrepid explorer searching for the finest foods and supplements from around the world.

Enjoy the Best Part-Time Weekend Nutrition Course joining us in Birmingham


Case-taking will be demonstrated as part of the course in a clinical environment. The students will be expected to recruit clients and take cases. The course fees include supervision off cases taken by students. They will be supported in accomplishing their own transformation to a healthy lifestyle.

The students will be expected to submit two cases and will take short tests as part of their graduation process.

John Jezewski BSc (Hons.), LCPH, LNP - Principal
The course is led by John Jezewski, a qualified Nutritionist, since 1996. John is the Principal of the College of Living Nutrition and has been teaching nutrition and homeopathy since 1996. There will be a number of guest teachers on the course.

Janette McSkimming BA (Hons) LC Hom, Post Dip Advanced LNP
Truth Calkins longevity specialist
Kate Elgar Nutrition Practitioner
Ron Prescott Naturopath
Sarmado Sibley Conscious Chef
Jennie Varney - Living Nutrition Practitioner and  Essential Oil specialist
Steve Varney - Living Nutrition Practitioner and Chef

Nutritional Therapy/Dietary Changes - looking at diets to suit the client - alkaline, raw, keto, Food Combining, Blood Group, oxalates etc/Anatomy and Physiology/Detoxification/Lifestyle change/Upgrading health/Bio-hacking/Brain health/Hormone health/Aetiology/Longevity/Chronic disease/Tonic herbs/Nutrigenomics /Microbiome/Homeopathy for Acutes/Chronic Diseases/Holistic dentistry/Clinical Work/Testing - blood, saliva, stool, DNA, etc./Business Building/Non-toxic Cookware/Water Purification

    This course includes:
  • ✔ teaching weekends in Birmingham covering the syllabus described above
  • ✔ A residential weekend retreat in Somerset- experience a wide range of therapeutic modalities.

Designed to inspire students to become successful, confident practitioners becoming a qualified Living Nutrition Health Practitioner

The dates for 2024 are as follows (at Aston University in Birmingham or live-streaming on Zoom) :

16-17 March (Catch-up on video)
20-21 April (Aston University or Zoom)
18-19 May (Aston University or Zoom)
29-30 June (Aston University or Zoom)
21-22 September (Aston University or Zoom)
26-27 October (Aston University or Zoom)
23-24 November (Aston University or Zoom)
29 May- 2 June 2024 Optional Retreat in Glastonbury

"If you are considering the course with The College of Living Nutrition; I can highly recommend it. I graduated from the course 5 years ago. It has set me up with the cutting edge information and essential professional practice skills to allow me to build my nutrition business. I now offer consultations, coaching, courses, workshops and health-check clinics. I am also at the beginning of an exciting new venture - developing a residential Health Learning venue on the west coast of Scotland."

Janette McSkimming BA(Hons) LC Hom, Post Dip Advanced LNP.
Homeopath and Living Nutrition Practitioner


"I have been practising in natural health for twenty years following a life long interest in nutrition and well-being. I can honestly say I have made the fastest strides forward in my knowledge and practice during The Living Nutrition Course than at any other time in my professional journey. The material is condensed yet complete, easy to assimilate, and clarifies any previous uncertainties about the details in any area. John's knowledge bank is extraordinarily eclectic. He takes inspiration from the near and far reaches of the natural health movement and grounds it all into workable methodologies.There is no course like this to my knowledge. And yet it is affordable and practicable to attend. There is a cooperative and supportive atmosphere amongst the students, making the weekends ones to look forward to. My own personal health practices have been sharpened and reinforced too. Thank you so much to John Jezewski, his team and students!"

Holly Paige (Living Nutrition Practitioner)


"The Living Nutrition course is practical and experiential with cutting edge information that keeps you ahead of the game. The style of teaching is relaxed and inclusive and the students that are attracted to the course ensures there is a sense of community of like - minded individuals."

Lynda May (Living Nutrition Practitioner and Colour Therapist)


"I am a current first year student and I can only say that the course for me has been life changing! It has given me the tools, skills and knowledge to not only work on my own healing but also support others through the power of living nutrition and identifying the root causes of dis-ease. The content of the course isin-depth, fascinating and engaging. John has a lot of enthusiasm and passion for what he does and this comes across in his teaching. He has a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to ensure that you are having a fantastic and meaningful learning experience. I am sincerely looking forward to moving ontothe second year."

Anisha Chauhan


"I graduated in my first year at the college of living nutrition in 2017. Before commencing this course I was struggling with being vegan because I had no idea what I was doing or what was even healthy. I also new that I wanted to learn soI could teach other people and build a business for myself. This course was different from any other course I’d done. There were a lot of light-bulb moments, harsh truths, reality checks - all of which contributed to my own self analysis and improvement in health. This course began a journey of self discovery for me, finally being able to understand my body and what I need and my health is always improving the more I continue to learn from John. Thank you John for your knowledge, wisdom and care in helping your students succeed - it really shows."

Helen Buley BSc (Hons), LNP - Health and Energy Coach
The price is £2400 which you can pay in 10 monthly instalments of £240. If you pay in full you get an extra £400 discount making a total of £2000. The fees include all tuition and notes. The optional residential retreat in Glastonbury is an additional £480 for tuition, food and accommodation.
Note that all payments are non-refundable.

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