Encyclopedia of Living Nutrition (online 5-year subscription)

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Encyclopedia of Living Nutrition

(Online 5-year Subscription)

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Science Based Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Natural Health

The Encyclopedia of Living Nutrition is the world's most comprehensive Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Natural Health.

Used by health conscious consumers, natural food retailers, researchers, doctors/physicians and health care professionals worldwide

This is an online subscription service where the authors are regularly adding new content.

Have you have ever wished for an in-depth reference guide about foods, herbs, supplements, ailments and natural therapies?

This encyclopedia is the one! Scientifically based on the clinical and research studies, this software is the most comprehensive encyclopedia of nutrition and natural health in any format - online or print!

The Encyclopedia represents to the natural health consumer and researcher what the Physicians Desk Reference represents to conventional medicine. With this online encyclopedia, you'll spend more time using information, and less time searching for it.

Modern science is rapidly confirming the ability of natural remedies to improve human health. Not a day goes by without new discoveries revealing the ways that nutrition, supplements, herbs and food can treat and prevent thousands of different ailments and maintain optimal health. The Encyclopedia of Living Nutrition provides state-of-the-art information within over 10,000structured documents on nutrients, herbs, foods, human ailments, toxins and more in an easy-to-use alphabetical text index and search facility.

System requirements: this is a web-based application so you can use virtually use any computer, lap-top (Mac or PC or Google Chrome), any phone (iPhone or Android) or tablet.

If you would like to try it out we have a free-trial version with only 100 documents as opposed to the more than 10,000 documents. Please contact john.jezewski@outlook.comor call on 07909 992260 for a link to the trial version. 

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