Deposit Payment for Advanced Diploma in Living Nutrition Course - Birmingham 2024

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Deposit Payment for Advanced Diploma in Living Nutrition Course - Birmingham 2024 (at Aston University or Zoom)


This is advanced notice that you are invited to join the Advanced Living Nutrition Practitioner Course which starts in March 2024 through to November 2024 at Aston University (or on Zoom). Some students have already asked me for this information so they can make plans to join the course and put the dates into their diary. I feel it is important to do the Advanced course following your successful completion of the practitioner course. The Advanced diploma will give you a deeper understanding of complex aspects of cases like how to deal with eating disorders, doing a deeper detox, going deeper into depression, going deeper into cancer extra, more on chronic fatigue and much more. You will also acquire more skillsets to add to your CV including using essential oils, using Homeopathy with clients and being a conscious chef.

The one-year Advanced Living Nutrition Practitioner Diploma course starting March 2024 and finishing November 2024 (see dates below). It consists of 7 weekends at Aston University or on Zoom.
There will be a number of exceptionally talented tutors who will be focussing on their specialist subject areas. This course is suitable for anyone that has completed the practitioner course (or is due to complete it in November) and will be working as a practitioner or wanting to work as a practitioner and also anyone that has a keen interest to continue to build their knowledge of health. 
The syllabus includes support with cases, general supervision and building your business while you are starting your practice; advanced dietary protocols, the difference between men and women from a health perspective, allergies, in depth look at skin and asthma and the atopic march,  handling eating disorders, in-depth look at depression and many other brain-related ailments, addictions, handling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, drug side-effects, homeopathy, advanced detox protocols, in-depth understanding of blood and other tests. cancer protocols, chronic diseases, business building, clinics, advanced case taking skills, complex cases, liver and gallbladders cleanse, advanced nutrition brain protocols, tonic herbs and other medicines, nutrigenomics, iridology, pulse taking, case supervision, handling auto-immune diseases (in-depth understanding of how auto-immune diseases materialise and how to handle cases), using essential oils, metabolic typing, latest nutrition research findings and more? We just added a new skill called ‘Conscious Vegan Chef Training’ which will be taught by Sarmado Sibley.

These are the dates of the Advanced Course:-
16-17 March 2023 (Aston University or Zoom)
20-21 April 2023 (Aston University or Zoom)
18-19 May 2023 (Aston University or Zoom)
15-16 June (Aston University or Zoom)
7-8 September (Aston University or Zoom)
5-6 October (Aston University or Zoom)
23-24 November (Aston University or Zoom)

29 May – 2nd June 2024 Residential Retreat in Glastonbury at the Earth Spirit Centre (additional price of £480 reduced from £580)

There is an early-bird price deadline of 30th of November 2023 (see Super-special price below). You can enrol anytime between now and the 30th of November 2023 to get the super-special price.
The normal fees are £2200. The Super special price if you book by the 30th of November 2023 is £1800 (pay 10 monthly payments of £180) or £1500 if you pay in full. 
Or you can apply for a Student Loan with Knoma where the fees are £1600 if you are accepted and you should be allowed to pay over about 10 months (this can vary by the individual). You can apply for a Knoma Student loan online – ask John for the link.
You can also apply for a student loan for the Advanced Course and the Retreat in Glastonbury together.